Town Council Committees 2023-24

Chairman of the Council – Mark Clarke 
Vice-Chairman of the Council – Angela Jensen 

The Full Council deals with statutory business, regularly monitors income and expenditure, considers recommendations from committees and civic duties. This meets every eight weeks.

In addition, it has the following Committees:

Planning, Conservation, and Transport deals with planning consultation, the conservation area, climate change,  traffic issues and traffic management. This meets every four weeks.

Community and Leisure is responsible for play areas and equipment, maintaining recreation grounds, open spaces, cemeteries and burials, closed churchyards at St Sampson's and St Mary's, Fairview Fields, and floral displays in the High Street. This meets every eight weeks.

Premises & Finance is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the buildings, associated budget setting and monitoring income and expenditure. This meets every 11 weeks.

A Personnel Committee meets 4 times a year or when specifically called.

Full details, agendas, and minutes of committee meetings can be found by clicking here

The Council Office
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