Council meetings are open to the public. Members of the public and press are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings. Agendas for each meeting are always published in advance on the website and on the noticeboards in town. Further copies are available from the council offices and at the meetings.

Schedule of Meetings

Calendar of meetings for 2019/2020 is here and for 2020/2021 is here

Council Agendas

Agendas are usually available from the Wednesday prior to the meeting being held in the following week. To download the agenda please click on the following link:


           18th January - Meeting of Planning, Conservation and Transport Committee-      agenda

Scheduled Meetings and Minutes:


Full Council


Community & Leisure




 16th December 2020 (Personnel)

21st December 2020

7th December 2020

2nd November 2020

16th November 2020


19th October 2020

12th October 2020

7th September 2020

21st September 2020

27th July 2020 (EOM)    

19th August 2020 (Personnel)

17th August 2020

3rd August 2020

 29th June 2020 

20 July 2020


1st June 2020 Annual Town Meeting TBC

15th June 2020

1st June 2020 

4th May 2020 (Annual Meeting) 

18th May 2020 


29th April - Personnel 

20th April 2020 = cancelled

27th April 2020  


14th April 2020 (Annual Town Meeting) rescheduled TBC 01.06.2020



 6th April 2020 - cancelled

30th March 2020


2nd March 2020

9th March 2020 


17th February 2020 

24th February 2020


27th January 2020


20th January 2020 

6th January 2020 

7th January 2020 

 Public Question Time

At the beginning of each meeting a period of time, limited to ten minutes, is set aside to respond to any questions or queries that are raised by members of the public regarding items that are not on the Agenda. Every attempt will be made to give accurate answers to all questions. However, on some subjects, further research and consultation with the appropriate bodies may be necessary, following which a response will be offered as soon as is possible.

Council Minutes

Minutes are available to download via the links above. Please note that all minutes are considered draft and subject to amendment until ratified (approved) at the next meeting of that committee. If you require any additional information or copies of reports please contact the Clerk.

Minutes for earlier years can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

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