Bath Road Cemetery

Cricklade Town Council is responsible for the day to day management of Bath Road Cemetery. This includes accepting notices of interment, granting permission for the erection of memorial plaques, maintaining the burial register and the day to day maintenance of the cemetery.

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The Bath Road Cemetery opened in late 1900 and the very first recorded burial was for Jonathan Telling, who died in Cricklade on 20th December 1900, aged 76 years. He was buried on 24th December 1900 in Grave No. 860 in the 18th row. The Clerk at the time was J.H.Franklin and the burial ceremony was performed by Rev. John McKaye, Rector of Cricklade St Mary. The surnames of the first eight burials were: Telling, Plomer, Selby, Lorett, Archer, Lucas, Clifford and Kilminster. Since then there have been over 2,000 registered burials.

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Cemetery Regulations

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